Instantly recognisable on the international stage, RAC Arena is designed to excite and engage visitors from the moment they step inside. With its bold, imaginative, unique and unmistakable design, RAC Arena is one of the most complex steel building constructions in Australia.

  • A maximum capacity of 15,000 people
  • State of the art acoustic design
  • Five unique and versatile function rooms
  • 36 corporate suites
  • A wide variety of merchandise and food and beverage outlets
  • Permanent tennis court
  • Operable roof consisting of two separate panels measuring approximately 50m x 35m and weighing 400 tonne per roof panel
  • 11 minutes to open both roof panels from fully closed to fully open
  • Located in the heart of the CBD - Wellington Street and Milligan Street
  • 680 bay underground car park
  • 380 high definition LCD screens, including the 88 screen feature pendant in the main foyer
  • The Arena's highest point is 50m high
  • 7,217 tonnes of steel
  • 22 km of aluminium sheeting
  • 85 tonnes of rigging
  • 9,800 triangular panels on the external facade
  • Low environment footprint with the largest solar panel array in the Perth metropolitan area with capacity to generate up to 111 kw of power