The WA public can be confident that the Arena, together with our parent company ASM Global, has introduced additional initiatives to ensure the health and safety of visitors, performers and staff. With the implementation of the industry-leading program, VenueShield, we have integrated best practice in hygienic safeguards so fans can be welcomed back with peace of mind.
These measures include:
  • floor markers to encourage guests to maintain good physical distancing practices
  • increased cleaning protocols throughout the venue including high traffic touch points
  • hand wash guidance placed in bathrooms
  • ensuring all working staff have completed the AHA Hospitality & Tourism COVID-19 Hygiene Course
  • continued rigorous adherence to ISO and food safety management standards within all culinary service
Ticketek holders will be advised on the measures we have in place via pre-event email and SMS. COVID-19 information will also be provided on the venue’s website and shared via the Facebook event page.  Once you arrive at the venue, there will be floor markers placed at entry points, as well as digital signage inside and outside the venue to remind patrons of the importance of social distancing and good hygeine.
All areas of RAC Arena will have a deep clean before and after an event. On top of continuing to maintain high levels of hygiene across the venue, we will be focusing on cleaning handrails on stairs and escalators, door hands and push plates and lift controls. Hand sanitising gel (70% alcohol) will be available at all retail outlets, and aerosol disinfectant sprays will be in use reguarly. The safety of our patrons is our number one priority and will continue to do all we can to maintain a healthy environment.
Yes, hand sanitising gel (70% alcohol) will be available at all retail outlets, as well as free standing stations throughout the venue.
Once you have carried out two weeks in quarantine/isolation, then there is no reason why you cannot attend the event, as long as you are not feeling unwell or displaying any signs of infection.
If new restrictions require the cancellation or rescheduling of an event at RAC Arena, you will be contacted by Ticketek regarding the options to refund your tickets or attend the new date. 
It is highly unlikely that COVID-19 can be contracted through food and drinks. COVID-19 is a respiratory illness and the primary transmission route is through person-to-person contact and direct contact with respiratory droplets generated when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Our team will continue to adherence to rigorous ISO and food safety management standards within all culinary services. 
Staff and patrons may be required to wear a mask at the venue if directed to do so by the State Government. To find out the latest COVID-19 information, please visit
Your personal details are being collected to support public health efforts to reduce the risk of an uncontrolled COVID-19 outbreak in WA. Providing your contact details helps make contact tracing more efficient, if it becomes necessary. This helps stop the spread of COVID-19 infection.

If you have been at a venue at the same time as someone who later tests positive to COVID-19, providing your details means the Department of Health can quickly contact you so you can then make important decisions to protect your health and the health of your family and close contacts, and prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

For more information, click here.
The Western Australian Government has announced that mandatory contact registers at relevant businesses and venues, including RAC Arena, will be introduced from 5 December 2020. No end date has been given at this stage.
To assist businesses, the State Government has released a free, safe and secure app called SafeWA. Endorsed by the Department of Health, the app provides businesses and venues a unique QR code for patrons to scan to register their attendance.

Data will be encrypted at the point of capture, stored securely and only be accessible by authorised Department of Health contact tracing personnel should COVID-19 tracing be needed. This means the Department of Health can “trace” quicker and keep people safe. 
SafeWA can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. To avoid delays on the day, we strongly encourage you to download it before you arrive to the venue.
If you aren’t able to or choose not to down the SafeWA app, your contact details will be manually recorded on arrival at the venue. Ask our friendly staff to direct you on arrival to the venue. 
Your name, telephone number, location, date and arrival time will be recorded. Data will only be kept for a maximum of 28 days. Only authorised WA Health personnel involved in contact tracing will have access to the information if a positive COVID-19 case is detected.
Your personal details are being collected to support public health efforts to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading in WA.

If you enter using the free, secure and hygienic SafeWA contact register app, the data collected goes directly to WA Health. This means the data is not used by the business and it is readily available for WA Health to access if it becomes necessary for contact tracing.

If you choose not to use the SafeWA app, or don’t have a smartphone, and your details are manually recorded for contact registration. It is the responsibility of RAC Arena to ensure the details are stored in a secure and confidential location, in a manner that facilitates efficient retrieval for a specified date if requested by an Authorised Officer.
If you are visiting a venue as a family, all individuals aged 16 years and over in your group will need to register their contact details, however, any children in your group (under 16 years) do not need to register their details. Adults that accompany children under 16 are encouraged to register their details.
Check out our event pages here for specific timings.
You're able to bring in a bag that is A4 in size or smaller. Anything larger, including handbags and baby bags, won't be allowed inside so best to leave them at home! 
Yes, wheelchairs are allowed inside the arena. We have wheelchair seating areas which you can booked by calling the Ticketek Accessibility Hotline on 1300 665 915.  Alternatively, if you are transferring to one of our regular seats, the wheelchair will need to be cloaked. Our friendly front of house staff will be able to help you transfer into a seat and cloaking the chair, so you can focus on enjoying the event. Just flag down one of the team when you arrive onsite.
We have got you covered with Hearing Augmentation Systems available from our info desk during events. This system allows audio from the show to be broadcasted to either a set of existing headphones or through the use of a T coil to a personal hearing aid. Shoot us a message before the event and we can book a device for you.
All service animals are welcome. How could we say no to such helpful furry friends?
Bring your crutches along and if they fit under your chair, you won’t have to cloak them. If you find they are too big to fit underneath, our friendly staff can assist you to your seat then cloak them for you.
Text your location and the issue to 0428 489 836 or chat with us here to report an issue.
If you have lost something, chat to us here and we can help track it down. We log every piece of lost property and keep it for up to three months. After this time, if it hasn’t been claimed, it will be donated to the good folks at The Salvation Army.
Every event is different, so check the timings with your suite host prior to the event to make sure you can enjoy every minute of it.
Wear whatever you would like provided it’s not offensive, inappropriate and involves shoes; thongs of course are A-Okay. Still a little unsure? Visit our full conditions of entry here.
We have plenty of bike racks, for all you cyclists out there. You’ll find them outside our admin entry, Entry B and in the carpark.
You can check out the arena by coming to one of our events, see what’s on here!
Our rule of thumb is that personal cameras with a lens 55mm or smaller are welcome to our events.  The policy can change based on the event so check out the event page for more details here. Selfie sticks are always a no-go though so best to keep it at home when you visit.
If you’ve brought a gift for an act you can hand it in to our info desk on ground level. We can’t guarantee they will get it, but we will try our best by passing it on to the touring crew.
We’re so glad you asked and the answer is a strong yes. For more info, click here.
There sure is! An external cloak room is located to the right of the main entry where you can leave any large bags or prohibited items that can’t come inside. Once you’re inside the venue, we can also store smaller items at our Information Desk. 
Each event is different so check the event page here.
The Babes in Arms policy lets you know up to what age children are allowed to sit on the knee of an adult ticket holder. It changes from event to event, so check out the Ticketek event page for more info.
Definitely! Every accessible toilet in the arena has baby change facilities as well as additional pop up facilities. Just ask our friendly staff to point you to the closest one.  
You aren't able to bring your pram inside the venue but you can store it at our external cloaking tent. This is located on the right hand side, when facing the main entrance. 
Capsule carriers aren't able to be brought inside but a wearable one, that doesn't obstruct the view of other patrons, is allowed inside. 
We sure do! Come on down to our info desk and the team can grab you one. There is a limited amount though, so best to get in quickly.
You can check out all the accessibility info here.
You sure can! Not going to lie, our beer battered chips are damn good. If you’re not a chips person, we’ve got a tonne of other options including something for our gluten-free and vegetarian friends.
Its first come, first serve in our RAC Local Lounge and Backstage with Bankwest Lounge so be sure to arrive on time!
We have many free filtered water fountains throughout the venue which our staff can direct you to.
We’ve got the caffeine addicts covered with the RAC Local Lounge serving fresh coffee at every event.
Tickets to all our events can only be purchased though Ticketek either online, by calling 13 28 49 or in person at one of their agencies here.
Our box office is only open event days, two hours before the event starts! For more info on the exact time for your event, visit the event page here.
Seats are allocated at the time of purchase, so to avoid confusion, best to stay in the one you’ve been given.   
Viewing restrictions come about due to the event production requirements. If your view is completely restricted let our fronts of house staff know and we’ll do our best to relocate you.  
You can reprint your ticket for a small fee. Tickets can be reprinted at our box office on the event day or at a Ticketek agency prior! Here is a list of Ticketek outlets.
You sure can. You will just need to bring along written authorisation from the person who purchased the tickets.  
For sure! Companion tickets can be booked through Ticketek’s Accessible Seating Hotline; 1300 665 915. Please note that only the paid ticket will be issued at the time of booking.
The companion ticket can be collected from our box office on the day of the event.  The companion card holder will need to be present when picking up the tickets in order to verify the booking details. Our box office opens two hours prior to the show kicking off. You can find the specific time by visiting to event page here.
Of course! Chat to the Ticketek team via their Accessible Seating Hotline on 1300 665 915.
Event parking is a flat $30, with our usual rates in play before and after the event rate period. Check out the event page here to find out the event rate start and finish times.
You can prepay for your ticket 5 mins after parking at any of the pay stations.
Sorry, it's first come, first serve basis!
On event nights, our carpark usually closes at midnight unless stated otherwise on the event page here.
For sure! We have plenty of bays for ACROD permit holders. If the car park is full just let one of the attendants know and if there are ACROD parks left inside, you will be given access. Please keep in mind, the car parks can’t be reserved.
If you head on down to the corner of Wellington and Milligan Street near the yellow totem (aka The Pineapple), we have bays for that exact purpose, 60m from the front of the venue.
If your ticket has the Transperth logo on it, public transport is included! Leave the hassles of driving at home and grab a free lift on us, up to three hours before and after the event. Just show your ticket to the Transperth staff and you’re good to go!
The nearest taxi rank is on Wellington Street outside of Four Points by Sheraton Hotel.