The Time Has Come

The wait is over Perth! The legendary Midnight Oil will play Perth Arena on Saturday 28th October.

Set to bring things back to where they all began, this is one special tour that is not to be missed!

“The Great Circle 2017” World Tour will see the group’s classic line-up circle the planet for 6 months. 

It will be Midnight Oil’s first tour in 15 years and their biggest tour since classic 80’s and early 90’s albums like “10-1”, “Diesel & Dust” and “Blue Sky Mining” sold over 10 million copies around the world. 

The tour name also has further meaning as “the great circle” is what sailors and airmen use to navigate across oceans. As the planet’s curve means the shortest distance between two points isn’t usually a straight line, this relates well to the band who have always been deeply engaged with the world around them but whose career path hasn’t been linear. 

“The Great Circle” will begin with an April pub gig in Sydney and then loop around Brazil, North America, Europe and New Zealand before a lap of Australia.

Everything about the band is uncompromising, but their greatest achievement is that they are, night after night and album after album, a great rock ‘n’ roll band.

Experiencing Midnight Oil is to experience the unmatched power of live rock & roll. Their music makes you feel, their lyrics make you think, and the combined impact live onstage makes you want to Get Involved.

In this modern world the voice of Midnight Oil clearly takes on renewed relevance; they have always been a band that both reflects and shapes “the temper of the times” with their lyrics and music resonating more than ever in these times.

Anyone with a passing knowledge of Australian culture knows the basics of Midnight Oil’s story. They are the incendiary post-punks who shunned pop TV shows like “Countdown”, forging a fierce live audience through jagged Oz-rock classics like “Back On The Borderline”, “Bus To Bondi” and “Don’t Wanna Be The One”. They are the musical innovators who turned high tech polemic into hits like “Power & The Passion”, “U.S. Forces” and “When The Generals Talk”. They are the activists whose social justice campaigning includes “The Dead Heart”, “Redneck Wonderland”, “Beds Are Burning” and hijacking the 2000 Olympic Games with their “Sorry” suits. They are the committed humanists and environmentalists who brought us anthems like “Blue Sky Mine”, “Forgotten Years” and “Say Your Prayers” plus a string of protests from the Jabiluka uranium mine near Kakadu to mid-town Manhattan where they unforgettably stopped traffic outside the Exxon building after the Alaskan oil spill.

Don’t miss your chance to see this iconic band hit the stage at Perth Arena on Saturday 28 October.

Tickets are on sale now through Ticketek.

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