The Update: Greatest Show on Turf

The greatest show on turf has arrived, bringing with it the controversy, marketing stunts, deep fried snacks, oh…and a healthy dose of American football.

Super Bowl 53 has kicked off in the US. While many people think the Big Game is about the New England Patriots taking on the Los Angeles Rams, they’re sorely mistaken - it’s actually all about the half time show. This year Maroon 5 perfomed alongside Travis Scott and Big Boi, but we thought we’d look back at some of our faves who flipped the focus from the sport to the music.

Who better to stroll down memory lane with than Justin Timberlake? No, we’re not talking that Nipplegate performance with Janet Jackson! Just last year JT guided us through the biggest hits of his career, including a Prince tribute, hundreds of dancers, cheesy choreographed routines that would make N’SYNC proud, and a random crowd member managing to score a selfie mid-song. Say cheese!

Lady Gaga left us in awe in 2017, being rappelled into her show and ending by jumping off the risers to catch a football in mid-air. There was fire. There were glow sticks. There was Gaga.

Did someone say Left Shark? Katy Perry’s 2015 performance during the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show was one to remember, but not necessarily because of her. A dancer in a shark costume stole the spotlight after they forgot the dance moves and improvised their own, and so Left Shark was born!

2014’s Super Bowl saw Bruno Mars bring his energy, pizazz and beautiful gravity defying hair. I mean, the man even did the splits – what more could we ask for? More? Well, you greedy guts, he also brought on the Red Hot Chili Peppers to join him on stage. And for a reason we never quite understood, lead singer Anthony Kiedis was shirtless. Satisfied? Satisfied.

Nothing says America like Bruce Springsteen, and in 2009 there was no better half time performer than The Boss. And when The Boss tells you to put the chicken fingers down and turn the sound up, YOU DO SO.  And we did.

A few stellar shows didn’t quite make our list but still deserve an honourable mention. Queen Bey Beyoncé stole the show in 2013, Prince performed like a king in 2007 and the Rolling Stones showed rockers how it was done in 2006. 

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