When coffee is life but so is Mother Earth

We love coffee. But we also love Mother Nature. Why not both? On our continuous journey to reduce our environmental footprint, but still wanting to enjoy one of life’s heavenly treasures, we have purchased reusable cups for our full-time team.

We estimated our staff consumes around 12,500 cups of coffee a year, which translates to around 175kg of waste. With the introduction of our new, colourful reusable cups we can now divert this from landfill and do our bit for the planet.

Helping the environment has always been one of AEG’s top priorities, leading the way with the global sustainability program, 1Earth, tracking monthly environmental performance metrics across 80+ venues.

Back home, we’re doing our part with 70% of waste directed from landfill, with the aim to be 100% following an improved organic recycling program. Our existing solar panels continue to perform well, and improved food packaging was introduced in 2018 to include natural fibre containers which are compostable and biodegradable and include 100% recyclable lids.
But first…coffee!

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