Entry A (Main Entrance) - Located at the corner of Wellington and Milligan Streets, Entry A is the primary entrance for all ticket holders.

Entry B - Located closest to Elder Street and Watertown, Entry B is used for General Admission (floor standing) ticket holders.

Corporate Suite Entry - Located next to Entry A and the box office, this entry is a dedicated entrance for visitors with tickets to RAC Arena’s Suites.

Basement - This is RAC Arena’s public underground car park, which features an elevator for mobility patrons and suite holders.

Ground - Entry to RAC Arena is via the ground floor. Doors 2-3 are located on the ground floor, as well as the Granite Room, Indigo Room and the ground floor lounge. Merchandise and food and beverage outlets are also available on the ground floor.

Level 1 - The main public floor at RAC Arena is located on level 1. Doors 5 – 22 are located on this level as well as Backstage with Bankwest, merchandise and food and beverage outlets.

Level 2 - Level 2 is privately accessed by RAC Arena’s suite holders. Suites 1-18 are located on Level 2.

Level 3 - Level 3 is privately accessed by RAC Arena’s suite holders. Suites 19-36 are located on Level 3.

Level 4 - Level 4 includes doors 23 - 28 and the Reveley Room. This level can be accessed via stairs, an escalator from level 1 or elevators from the other floors.


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