Since our opening in 2012, RAC Arena has been supporting charities through the Golden Ticket fundraiser. The Golden Ticket gives entrants the chance to win a double pass to each event at RAC Arena for a year, while raising money for a good cause. In previous years, the raffle has raised over $70,000 for our charity of choice, helping to make a difference in West Australian’s lives.  This year our proceeds are going to support The Salvation Army and Rotary Club of Perth.

The Salvation Army gives hope where it’s needed most. And that motto is something Kristy can attest. Kristy found herself in a life of drug addiction, stealing, homelessness, neglecting her children and eventually jail time. However, just when she reached her lowest point, the Salvation Army reached out.

On the day of her release date, The Salvation Army took Kristy in, offering love, support and hope. They believed Kristy could change – and she did. Kristy turned her life around. She now has her own home, she has her children back, she has been drug free for 4 years, has healed from Hep C, and is on the journey to becoming a case worker, like the case worker who changed her life.  All of this is thanks to The Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army gave her a home for nearly two years until she could have her own private rental. They furnished it, and managed her when she moved into the community. They provided food hampers and Christmas presents for her children. And most importantly, they believed in her when no one else did.

As Kristy says, “The Salvos journeyed with me, helped me to find my new voice.   They gave me hope.  They believed in me when nobody thought I could change. Thank God they did.”

The Salvation Army are changing lives for the better, but this would not be possible without donations. Donations ensure programs can continue to run, and funds can be given to help those in need.

The RAC Arena Golden Ticket is a chance to do your part for the community. Your donations can help change lives, whilst giving you a year to remember!

Enter the Golden Ticket raffle today! Entry tickets are just $10 each, with the proceeds going to support The Salvation Army and Rotary Club of Perth. Entries are limited!

Enter the raffle here. For more information click here.