Wednesday 22nd April is Earth Day. An annual event, celebrated around the world, to show our commitment to Mother Nature and encourage others to do the same. Today is even more special as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of this movement.

At RAC Arena, we constantly strive to fulfil our global responsibilities, and continuously research and develop ways to reduce our impact on the environment. On a regular basis we recycle materials such as batteries, fluorescent tubes and electric lamps, and use solar panels to offset our power consumption. The improved food packaging we introduced is made using natural fibres, making them biodegradable. Our soft drink bottles are now more environmentally friendly thanks to Coca Cola manufacturing them from 100% recycled plastic. Within the venue, tap beers are served in our reusable Stack Cups, which is estimated to eliminate 160,000 single use plastic cups from our waste per year. As the name suggests, the design of the Stack Cup also removes the need for disposable cup holders.

Down in our car park we have worked with our founding partner, Hyundai, to install two electric vehicle charging bays. When in the office, our full time staff drink from reusable coffee cups. Although in these difficult times we’re not currently able to make use of them, it is estimated that we’re saving 12,500 single use takeaway cups from being used, which translates to around 175kg of waste per year.

RAC Arena, together with ASM Global, are committed to reducing, reusing, recycling and introducing environmentally friendly programs and energy efficient practices into our venue. We realise our job is never done and encourage everyone to join us in promoting environmental awareness. Let’s celebrate our planet and continue to make every day, Earth Day.  ​