Powerhouse vocals? Tick.  Dreamy sounds? Tick. Pop beats? Tick. Is there anything Kiara Eve can’t do?

Kiara Eve is a Perth local with a whole lot of talent. With an EP to her name and some big names on her resume, she is taking the music world by storm.

We asked her some big questions ahead of her Homegrown debut.

How did you get you get started as a musician?
Not to start with the cliché but music has always just been a part of my life and how I express myself – like there are videos of two year old me dancing around and making up nonsense lyrics! But I started performing in primary school with group singing lessons when I was 7, private vocal coaching when I was 10 and started guitar lessons at 15, and it was probably around then when I had the urge to start writing my own songs and really moving forward with everything.

How would you describe your music?
My music is indie-pop/rock, it ranges from being dramatic and cinematic, to more vulnerable, light-hearted and upbeat.

Who is your musical idol? Is there anyone who inspires you or influences your sound?
It’s really hard to pick just one, but you can never go past Fleetwood Mac. As musicians they are just legends and their whole music catalogue is just timeless perfection. I think musically my sound will always have their influence. At the moment I’m really into The 1975. They are such talented musicians and intelligent songwriters, it’s really inspiring and I’m really feeling their sound at the moment.

If you could invite three musicians to dinner who would they be and what would you serve?
Lady Gaga, Sam Smith and Ryan Tedder and we’re making Italian!

What is the one venue/festival/event you would love to perform at and why?
It’s not exactly an event but I would love to perform on the BBC Radio1 Live Lounge series, I just love those sessions. There are some amazing versions of songs in there and some of the covers artists come up with are just phenomenal. I feel like artists who have really made it get to perform on there too.

What are your career highlights so far?
Definitely getting to write, record and release my debut EP On The Surface. It has always been something I’ve been aiming for so it feels so good to have it out there. I also had the opportunity to work with Kav Temperley (Eskimo Joe) on that record and not only is he a phenomenal songwriter but such an awesome person. My two songs “I See You” and “Wallflower” were nominated as finalists in songwriting competitions last year too which was very exciting and encouraging! I’ve also had the opportunity the perform as a support act at the Music at Murdoch shows for the past two years, getting to support Samantha Jade last year and Proof this year, while performing to a couple thousand people on a massive stage. It was so amazing, I didn’t want to get off!

What are your career goals as a musician?
I want to keep writing, recording and gigging, and keep on aiming high. I’m happiest when I’m being creative and working on music, so I can’t ever imagine stopping. I just hope somewhere along the line my music resonates with people and they support it…because that makes all the difference!

What advice would you give to other aspiring musicians? 
If you’re anything like me, just dreaming about it isn’t good enough. You just have to start, write, and get out there!

If you could be an accomplished musician on any instrument without a single lesson, what instrument would it be?
Cello for sure! If I’m ever at a gig and there’s a cellist you can bet I’ll spend the whole time watching them!

What is your favourite thing about working in the WA music industry?
The encouragement and sense of community. Everyone is so supportive it just really helps, especially when you’re starting out.

Don’t miss Kiara Eve on Homegrown, 8pm Sunday 19 July on FacebookIGTV and YouTube.