Lights, camera, action! It’s no surprise that lighting and technology are the first things we think of when putting on a big production – and your business event is no different! We take our tech very seriously at RAC Arena and are not afraid to pull out all the stops to make your function memorable.

But who’s the mastermind behind the scenes making all our production dreams a reality? Perth, meet Luke!

Luke has been with the Arena for nine years and knows the ins and out of giving each event at RAC Arena the “wow” factor. We sat down with Luke for some serious tech talk.

Luke, what do you think makes the biggest impact on an event when it comes to tech? 
I think the single largest impact on the presentation of an event is planning. If the organiser has a clear picture of what they want, then our technical staff will do what it takes to make that vision a reality.

What’s the best way an event organiser can get everyone on board with their vision? 
Keep it simple. A run sheet for your AV operator is an absolute must, with basic notes like “fade out music here” or “slide number 4 here”. If your show is elaborate, then book a rehearsal time to ensure everyone is on the same page. Good communication is key!

It’s no secret that lighting can both spice up a room or mellow it down. What is the most cost-effective way to set the mood using lighting? 
The most cost-effective lighting technique is to build a stage presence. If we’re keeping it simple, a wash over the entire area in a warm white light is very effective. Once the stage element is covered, wash over the room’s walls with a little bit of colour, whether it’s your company’s brand or something fun and bright.

You make it sound so simple! Is there any lighting tech “don’ts” that should be avoided?
If there’s one tip you should take away with you, it’s don’t light any food areas with green. Green is not a flattering colour for food, so keep it away from your beautiful banquets!

When it comes to functions at RAC Arena, what are some of the most popular requests you receive?
Most requests tend to revolve around vision elements, like additional TVs around the room, preview monitors, stage timers and teleprompters. The RAC Arena team have a passion for the shows that allow us to “go big” and get out all the equipment we have, that’s when we really have some fun!

Despite being a spring chicken, you’ve been in the tech game for many years. What are some of the big shifts in tech trends that you’ve seen? 
The biggest change in lighting has been the introduction of LED lighting fixtures. These fixtures have replaced the traditional globes and are capable of millions of colour options and have the added benefit of lower maintenance costs, lower power consumption and in a lot of cases lower weights – definitely a game changer!

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