Every day, in the early hours, some families have been up all night. However, thanks to Ronald McDonald House Charities Western Australia (RMHC), those families are safe, comfortable, and cared for, so they can concentrate on giving their child all the love and support they need. On Saturday March 6th, five members of the RAC Arena team stepped up to show the families of Ronald McDonald House Charities that they are not alone.

Our team of powerhouse women walked the 42 kilometre Up All Night Marathon to raise money for RAC Arena’s community partner, Ronald McDonald House Charities. Funds raised help provide accommodation, learning programs, a business centre for parents to work remotely, meals, and a range of complementary health and wellbeing services.

Together, the Arena’s Partnerships Manager, Partnership Coordinator, Catering Manager, Catering Operations Manager and Suite Executive raised a whopping $5,056!

The enthusiastic team were united in their goal to rise to the challenge of starting their walk as the sun went down and ending at dawn.

“I have been wanting to do the walk for a while,” said Catering Operations Manager, Rachel Winkless, “so when I saw Ronald McDonald House Charities was our new community partner, it was the final push I needed. Completing a marathon is on my bucket list but I wasn’t convinced I could run one – this was the next best thing!”

While a lot of walking took place over the evening, there was time for fun along the way! Nine pit stops sponsored by the charity’s partners housed various services, and participants with stories to tell.

“Meeting so many lovely people along the way was a highlight for me,” said Suite Executive Despene Kalaf.

“You definitely bond with people over a shared experience such as this. One lady I met is 78 years old and walks 10 kilometres every day! She was a real inspiration to me.”

However, it was not all fun and games. Unsurprisingly, walking 42 kilometres overnight comes with its challenges.

“Every step of the way was challenging but if I had to pick a particular part it would definitely be looking up at the incline of the Narrows Bridge, which at the time felt like Mount Everest,” said Catering Manager, Kyllie Graham.

Walking an overnight marathon is no easy task, but it’s nothing compared to being the parent of a sick child. RAC Arena could not be prouder of our team and their efforts towards this truly deserving cause. While it’s not possible for all sick children to be at home, RMHC makes it the most special time possible, because being together is the best medicine of all.

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