While arenas around the world may be quieter than usual, scammers are still rife across Australia. Every time a ticket is purchased from a scalping website or unreliable seller, consumers are putting themselves at risk of losing money and missing out on events.

A Brisbane conman was recently charged after allegedly ripping off dozens of victims with fake concert tickets.  The man swindled a total of more than $200,000 from his victims between 2015 and 2018, including taking $2,100 from music fans he found through classified websites.

This crime has become all too common for concert attenders, with scalpers repeatedly trying to sell fake concert tickets to unassuming patrons. Consumer Protection has appealed to ticket buyers to only deal with authorised sellers due to a high number of complaints from consumers who have unknowingly bought invalid tickets from online scalpers. In most cases, consumers did not know they were dealing with an unauthorised seller and didn’t find out that their tickets were invalid until they were refused entry to the event, resulting in either missing out or having to buy replacement tickets at the venue’s box office.

We hate to have patrons miss out on making memories and seeing their heroes live. RAC Arena’s only legitimate ticket seller is Ticketek, and we recommend only purchasing through them.
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