RAC Arena goes green for the planet

12 Sep 2023
RAC Arena goes green for the planet Image

Western Australia’s most recognised sporting and entertainment venue, RAC Arena, is on track to become one of the greenest and most sustainable in the country with a mission to streamline their waste management process with an aim to have a landfill diversion rate of 70%.

Since the start of this year, new data shows that RAC Arena has diverted more than 120,000 containers as part of the Containers for Change program, recycled more than 34 tonnes of cardboard and glass and diverted almost 38 tonnes of organics and compostable packaging from landfill.

The organic and compostable packaging composted equates to eliminating 72,067.00kg C02 emissions from the atmosphere and is the equivalent to powering one household for 6,434.00 days.


Working on a sustainability roadmap with Perth-based sustainability consulting experts WRITE Solutions, the arena has adopted reusable cups in their retail bars, swapped single-use plastic packaging for compostable alternatives from BioPak, and installed additional green bins across the venue to capture organic food waste.

Michael Scott, RAC Arena’s General Manager, explains that the venue’s environmental practices all form part of a bigger global picture. “Together with our international ASM Global network, we’re working towards an ambitious plan to transform the live entertainment industry.”

“ASM Global Acts, the group’s corporate social responsibility platform, has the goal to convert its 350+ strong venue portfolio into the most sustainable on the planet, and we couldn’t do it without wonderful partners like WRITE Solutions and BioPak.”

WRITE Solutions’ Managing Director, Daragh Maher, goes on to explain, “Our mission is to change people’s perceptions of waste and working with a venue like RAC Arena provides us the perfect platform. RAC Arena is always open to our new suggestions and ideas to reduce waste and when possible, to eliminate altogether. By increasing recycling options for patrons, and with a strong focus on education, together we are changing perception of waste and hopefully impacting a large audience across Perth.”

“This isn’t just about making an impact at this venue, we are hoping people who attend the arena take away some practical tips that provide a positive impact across WA and beyond.”

“We are delighted to be working with RAC Arena and WRITE Solutions in finding innovative ways to help divert food waste and compostable packaging from landfill,” said BioPak CEO, Gary Smith.

“We hope RAC Arena can be a benchmark and example for other arenas and entertainment venues throughout Australia to follow, championing circularity and addressing a sustainable action plan that considers the wider impact and footprint on the environment.”


January 2023 – May 2023:*

  • Organics – 37,930.00kg of Organics and Compostable packaging – this equates to eliminating 72,067.00kg C02 emissions from our atmosphere or the equivalent to powering one household for 6,434.00 days.
  • Containers for Change – 120,731.00 Containers Recycled and over $9,860.30 donated to charity.
  • Cardboard – 7,860.00kg of Cardboard has been recycled
  • Glass – 8,910.00kg of Glass has been recycled
  • Co-mingle – 17,300kg of Co-mingle recycling.

*(the figures below are based on average weights)

For more information on RAC Arena and the current sustainability projects, please visit: racarena.com.au


Fast Facts:

  • Every year, Western Australians buy more than 1.45 billion 10¢ drink containers. Sadly, hundreds of millions end up as litter or in landfill.
  • Australians waste a staggering 7.6 million tonnes of food each year.
  • Sadly, only 9% of the world’s plastic is being recycled.