Here at RAC Arena we’ve taken the first step on our reconciliation journey, with the completion of our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). The initiatives within the plan will form part of our everyday lives as we continue to serve the West Australian community.

In celebration of the launch of our RAP, we commissioned artwork from Whadjuk-Yuet-Ballardong artist Kevin Bynder. With an impressive portfolio of work behind him during his 17 years as an artist, including designing both the West Coast Eagles and Port Adelaide AFL team Indigenous Football Rounds uniforms, we could not be more proud to have Kevin create this piece for us. Kevin’s artwork not only reflects the land and traditional owners on which we work, but also the people and events who fill it, finding inspiration in the Arena’s colours, architecture and history.

The artwork is part of RAC Arena’s reconciliation journey, which is something Kevin feels is of great importance.

“Reconciliation to me means the coming together of all race, religion, colour, gender and ethnicity. To be able to live, work and socialize together without any means of racism, discrimination and prejudice”.

As we implement our RAP plan, we aim to form a solid foundation for learning and action to build a better future for all West Australians.

General Manager of RAC Arena, Michael Scott, says the plan is a step in the right direction.

“I encourage you to take the time to read through it when you have a moment, as it will form a solid foundation for the learning and action in the future”.

As Kevin Bynder explained, he shares our hope for the future of Western Australia.
“I hope that we see the Aboriginal culture taken more seriously, taught in schools, more areas of the country being named after Elders or tribal areas. Hope that we can all get along regardless of who or what we are and make the world more peaceful and better.”

We look forward to displaying the piece in pride of place within the venue.